Aeon Hookah Lounge Mini Neo Frozen Fox


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The AEON Lounge Mini is the only 42cm high version of the popular lounge. Due to its small size, it is easy to handle and can be taken along without any problems. The visual and functional highlight is the integration of the blow-out system of the Edition 4 – Lounge, which ensures that the bowl can be vented with just one puff of air without blowing on people sitting opposite.

Although the Lounge Mini is smaller than the other AEON hookahs, it is by no means inferior in terms of smoking behaviour. The AEON Lounge Mini offers a well-balanced draught, fast draw and comfortable venting.

Like all AEON hookahs, the AEON Lounge Mini is made of V2A stainless steel and made in Germany and meets the highest quality standards.

The highlight is the new venting system, which allows you to vent upwards like the Edition 4.

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Weight3.67 lbs
Dimensions60 × 20 × 10.15 in

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