Musthave 125g Cherry Cola


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In stock



Musthave 125g Cherry Cola is a sweet and sour, changing in the process, a mix based on cola flavored with the pulp of wild sour and sweet garden cherries.

Musthave is a dark leaf heat-resistant medium strength hookah tobacco.

Made in Russia

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Weight0.36 lbs
Dimensions12 × 10.5 × 5.08 in

Cookie, Coconut shake, Cranberry, Cucunade, Estragon, Fizzy Dizzy, Gooseberry, Honey holls, Ice cream, Kiwi smoothie, Lemon lime, Lemon pie, Mad pear, Marula, Violet, Tropic juice, Red bomb, Pistachio, Pinkman, Orange team, Mulled wine, Morocco

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