Pre Punched Hookah Foils

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In stock


  • 100% aluminum
  • Imported
  • Pre Punched Hookah Foils : The pre cut foil is ready to use. No need to punch it by yourself. Just need cover it on the tabacco bowl. Then put the charcoal on it. It saves your time and efforts while preparing hookah
  • Ø 4.7inch ,0.35MM Thick Hookah Aluminum Foils : These superior foils sheets is 0.35MM thick, Which is much more thicker than any others. Which can protect your shisha flavors over burnt. Keep a pure taste when smoking, 4.7inch diameter is good for almost bowls on the market. Universe use.
  • Pre- poked holes foils: Sturdy with enough space between holes to produce enough air flow, Promise for good smoking
  • Thick Hookah Foils with Holes : The foil is really thick that can be used multiple times if necessary. Best for Hookah users
  • 50 counts pre cut aluminum foils sheets in the box, With papers to separate them. Easily detach from each other. User Friendly

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